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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we reserve our date?

Reach out and let me know you're interested! My available dates are first come, first served (and do fill up quickly). If I'm free, I'll send over a contract and an invoice with included payment options. To officially secure your date, a $300 deposit is required and the remaining balance is due 4 weeks before your event.

Can we choose our own music?

Music is something that most videographers feel strongly is best left to us. Each wedding has a unique feel, style, and flow. We want to find the perfect song to bring out all these special notes.

There is also the issue of copyright. In order for a video to be uploaded on social media, without getting flagged by Content-ID systems, a new license must be purchased for every song in each individual project.

Note: Mainstream music is insanely expensive to license and videographers can get sued if they use it unlawfully. Therefore, most videographers license their music from some of the best unknown artists.

How far do you travel?

As far as possible, but there may be travel fees involved.

For example: If an event is more than 2 hours away (drivetime), travel fees are determined by mileage: 50 cents a mile to and from, minus 60 miles for in-town travel.

If an event is over 4 hours of drivetime away, airline tickets may be necessary and travel fees will go up (flight, car rental, hotel stay, etc.)

Does the raw footage have sound?

Yes. Audio is recorded at all times via a Røde shotgun microphone attached to the main camera. However, it is not always the best quality depending on which direction the mic is facing and the amount of distance it is from the source.

For better quality, external audio is recorded for the ceremony through lapel mics, with pocket recorders, provided to the officiant and groom. And additional audio is recorded of the reception toasts, directly through the DJ's sound board, so that wireless handheld mics can be used for amplification without additional microphones in the way. When raw footage is purchased, the external audio of the ceremony and toasts is included, but separately (not synced to the video footage).

How long do you keep the raw footage and/or copies of the final product?

Years and years! They are basically saved as long as is possible.

Do you film events other than weddings?

Yes, but very rarely and usually only available by special request.