A 60 second sneak peek available online within 48 hours after your event!


Share with friends and family exactly how and why you fell in love!


Presents the very best moments of your day in a 4-12 minute cinematic film!


A 60+ minute feature of your entire day, shown in chronological order.

Starting with a musical montage of the pre-ceremony (setting up, getting ready, taking photos). Next is the First Look, if one is planned. The First Look is a moment when the bride and groom see each other, all dressed up, for the first time on their wedding day. Then the ceremony in full (nicely edited with external audio synced), followed by a second musical montage of the pre-reception (photo shoots/cocktail hour), and then all of the reception's main events (wedding party intros, toasts, cake cut, first dances, bouquet/garter toss), usually ending with one last musical montage of the reception fun (open dance, photobooth, special exit).