I focus on what really matters

How I'm different from others in my field

most artists focus on the details and all the fluff. I focus more on the substance and meaning.

I understand your wedding is so much more than just a day. It is a celebration of life and love that has been carefully crafted over the years by family, friends and life’s unexpected adventures.

It is about creating a visual expression of the words in your vows.

It is about creating a timeless reminder of how you felt on your wedding day. You will feel the same nervousness, joy, and happiness!

julie and bryan.jpg

every client is also my friend. this is not simply a transaction. it is a beautiful collaboration

of YOUR Love story

I truly believe in what I do for a living and I always listen carefully to my couples' wishes because I want to make the best wedding film that I am capable of making. I take the utmost care of all of my equipment and I am constantly investing my time and energy into learning new technologies and techniques to create better and more compelling storytelling!